The Social Science Research Institute of the University of Iceland is a research and study institution that conducts research, consulting and service projects in the field of social sciences.

About two thirds of the research projects and services at the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) are done for or in collaboration with staff and management at the University of Iceland and elsewhere.

SSRI conducts research for various parties, both Icelandic and foreign, such as: ministries, institutions, organisations, and different non-governmental organizations, invested parties, and academics.

Among projects at SSRI we can name research and surveys in the field of welfare, education, wage and industrial affairs, economic affairs, cultural affairs, politics, environmental affairs, transportation affairs, equal rights affairs, and global affairs.

Further information can be acquired from project managers at SSRI (tel. +354 525 4545) or by email:

Questionnaire Surveys

SSRI has decades of experience from conducting question questionnaire surveys. We can take care of everything from A-Z, everything from making the questionnaire to a finalized dataset. We also offer administering a pre-made questionnaire. It's common to administer a web-survey if a list of emails is at hand. In situations where an email is not available, we use our call center to phone participants. By pressing the link at the beginning of this text you can see further information on the surveys we offer.



Personal Interview Surveys

Personal interview surveys is a qualitative method. Personal interview surveys are used if the goal is to see what meaning or understanding people put into certain ideas. An example of research in this area are personal interviews, discussion surveys, and focus groups.


General Public Consultation

General public consultation are based upon an informed discussion among everyone involved, such as: the general public, invested parties, non-governmental organization, the government etc. and ensure transparency, efficiency and efficacy.



At the Social Science Research Institute specialists in qualitative and quantitative methodology work. We offer consultation in creating questionnaires, analyzing data and other.