Staff and Management

The board of the SSRI is appointed for three years. In it there are the deans of the three faculties that the institution belongs to. In addition, the board consists of three additional members that are elected by the faculties, two from the Faculty of Sociology, Anthropology and Folkloristics and one from the Faculty of Political Science.

If no teacher from the department's course of study is a representative on the institution's board, the course of study has the right to have an observer at board meetings with freedom of speech and the right to make proposals. The director of the Social Science Research Institute shall attend meetings of the board with the right of proposal, without the right to vote, as well as one employee representative.


The project managers at SSRI have university degrees in social sciences, e.g. psychology, sociology, economics, gender studies, and political sciences and have vast experience in conducting research.

SSRI's staff

Árni Bragi Hjaltason Project manager 5255183 arnibragi [at]
Ásdís A. Arnalds Director 5255493 aaa1 [at]
Guðbjört Guðjónsdóttir Project manager 5255437 gudbjort [at]
Guðlaug Júlía Sturludóttir Project manager 5254544 gjs [at]
Guðný Gústafsdóttir Project manager 5254164 gudnyg [at]
Helgi Guðmundsson Project manager 5254167 heg [at]
Inga Rún Sæmundsdóttir Project manager 5255493 ingarun [at]
Jökull Þór Sigurþórsson Assistant 5254545 jokull [at]
Kjartan Ólafsson Specialist 5254545 kolafsson [at]
María Lovísa Guðjónsdóttir Head interviewer 5255440 marialg [at]
Ólöf Júlíusdóttir Project manager 5255440 olofj [at]
Sindri Baldur Sævarsson Project manager 5254161 sindribaldur [at]
Stefán Þór Gunnarsson Project manager 5254161 stefanthor [at]
Ævar Þórólfsson Project manager 5254160 at [at]