Social Science Research Institute

The Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) is an academic research institute within the University of Iceland. The main goal of the institute from its establishment in 1985 has been to carry out practical and theoretical research that strengthens Icelandic society.

The Institute of Social Sciences is a member of CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives), whose main goal is to ensure the quality of research and research infrastructure.

The Social Science Research Institute emphasizes to:

  •  Strengthen the dialog between research and society
  •  Strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation
  •  Strengthen international cooperation
  •  Strengthen research infrastructure


SSRI Staff 2020

International collaboration

The Social Science Research Institute participates in European and international research projects such as EVS (European Values Study), ISSP (International Social Survey Program), and ESS (European Social Survey). The collaboration enables Icelandic and foreign researchers, administrators etc., to evaluate the development of social issues in Iceland in comparison to other countries and map people's views within social change.

In the 11th round of ESS, which is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2024, people's views towards various social issues will be mapped, including attitudes towards health and social inequality, first mapped in ESS 2014/2015. Consequences of Covid-19 will continue to be mapped and more. A novelty in the 11the round of ESS is the mapping of peoples views towards gender and the rethinking of equality and backlash.