• Project managers: Kristín Erla Harðardóttir, Friðrik H. Jónsson
  • Client: Leonardo da Vinci Associated Networks in Managing Transition in Europe
  • Published: April 2004

In this report the results of the external evaluation of the Leonardo da Vinci Community Project ANIMATE transnational network will be introduced. The project involves four partners in four countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Scotland. The ANIMATE network project is a transnational project aimed at strengthening the exchange of information and encouraging further cooperation among a group of networks, organizations, and individuals from four partaking countries. 

  • Project managers: Andrea G. Dofradóttir, Friðrik H. Jónsson
  • Client: Morgunblaðið
  • Published: September 2002

  • Project managers: Andrea G. Dofradóttir, Ágústa Edda Björnsdóttir, Ásdís A. Arnalds, Hrefna Guðmundsdóttir
  • Client: Alþingi
  • Published: May 10th 2013