National Survey

The Social Science Institute National Survey

The Social Science Institute's national survey is a monthly online survey. In the survey, Icelanders are asked about various social issues and what is newsworthy at any given time. The national survey is a so-called questionnaire, companies and other interested parties have the opportunity to buy one or more questions in the online panel. The Social Sciences Institute's answers in a short time. The online panel consists of people aged 18 and over, in Iceland, who have agreed to participate in online surveys conducted by the Agency. Results are analyzed by gender, age, place of residence, education, work, income, marital status and political opinion of respondents.

The national survey is a simple and economical way to get quick answers to any questions about the position, attitude, and values ​​of the Icelandic nation.

Here are some examples of common and suitable subjects included in the National Survey:

  • Social status of Icelanders and certain social groups, such as those that fight trade unions and other interest groups for thenation's attitudes towards hot issues, NGOs and political movements, including follow-up documents
  • Life style, health and social practices, e.g. consumption of goods, services and media
  • Image of companies and organizations

The social science staff provides advice on questioning to obtain accurate, reliable and usable results that meet the goals of the person asking.