At the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) work experts in qualitative and quantitative methodology. We offer consultation in creating a questionnaire, data analysis and other related to research.

Creating a questionnaire: We ensure all questionnaires the institution administers are up to methodological quality standards. We come into the process at any point and offer consultation on making a questionnaire, whether it's a perusal of a questionnaire that's finished or making a questionnaire from scratch, and everything in between. 

Processing or analyzing of quantitative data: Project managers at SSRI have a wide background. At SSRI we have people coming from economics, political sciences, psychology, sociology and more. We offer consultation or assist in processing or analyzing quantitative data. We assist in finding the correct statistical test for your data (e.g. OLS regression, binary logistic regression, ordinal regression, mixed models (including multilevel models)). We have considerable experience in factor analysis (e.g. exploratory factor analysis (principal component analysis and principal axis factoring), confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. In addition missing values can be dealt with multiple-imputation. We also offer assistance in web-scraping and more.

Processing or analyzing qualitative data

Consultation on grant applications