Other types of general public consultation

General public consultation is one of the most influential instruments in concurrent democratic societies, and is ever more popular. General public consultation begins with an informed discussion among different parties, such as: the general public, invested parties, non-governmental organization, the government etc. about a societal affairs. The Social Science Research Institute has considerable experience of general public consultation groups and tailors each research to the topic at hand. An example of general public consultation research are: economic affairs, life quality, politics, public health, equality and different kinds of construction projects. The major goals of general public consultation is to mediate the knowledge about the topic that is being discussed, get a new view of those parties involved and to further the participation and people's effect on societal issues.

An example of smaller general public consultation research are residential surveys, such as surveys for neighborhoods, municipalities, local communities, etc. Surveys for non-governmental organizations, organized interest groups, organizations, institutions etc. that are based on a discussion among all invested parties.