Deliberative polls

A deliberative poll is divided into six main parts:

  1. A survey on attitudes is administered to a random sample from the National registry and the online panel of SSRI. Participants in the survey are asked if they would like to like to volunteer to participate in a deliberative poll.
  2. A descriptive sample is invited to participate in the deliberative poll.
  3. Participants of the meeting get sent material with information about the subject of the meeting.
  4. A survey on attitudes is administered in the beginning of the deliberative poll to explore the attitude towards the subject among participants in the meeting.
  5. The deliberative poll with participants that volunteered begins. Participants are divided to groups, that discuss the subject of the meeting in an orderly fashion, while considering arguments for and against. At the meeting, experts in the field answer questions from the participants.
  6. A survey on attitudes at the end of the meeting is administered to see if the attitude of participants have changed by diving into the subject and discussing them.