National Center for Research in Ethnology

General Overview

The aim of the National Institute for Research in Ethnology, which was established in 2008, is to conduct independent research on everyday culture, ways of life and vision of life in our day and age.

The main pillars of the business are projects in four areas:

  • Buzz
  • Material culture
  • Religious life
  • Cultural heritage.

The role of the National Research Institute is to increase and strengthen research in the above field, for example by:

  • Initiating and conducting research in the specified field
  • Taking on projects for parties outside and within the University of Iceland, co-operating with national institutions, companies and organizations and looking for collaboration with foreign scholars and institutions in the mandatory field
  • Enhancing the connection between research and teaching in their field of work
  • Providing students with research education facilities and equipment for research work and training and experience in scientific work methods by giving them the opportunity to do research work on the road research center, as far as possible
  • Present the results of research, including publication of academic papers, academic courses, lectures and conferences in the field of work.

Management and activities

The Research Center is not formally appointed, but teachers in folklore manage its work. No permanent employee has been to the research center and activity has been low in recent quarters.