Focus groups

Focus groups are a qualitative research method, in which a group of people, ca. 6-8 individuals, discuss a given research topic.

This method can deliver a substantive amount of information in a relatively short period of time as well as a different insight into people’s opinions than than can be achieved in personal interviews or surveys. Focus groups can be used as a follow up to a quantitative research, where the numerical data is studied more closely.

Focus groups are especially useful in projects where there is little prior knowledge or if the research is aimed at subjective topics, such as image or service evaluations. The information gathered with a focus group can be used as a base for a survey. The aim of this method is to get insight and ideas about a topic but to never generalize based on the results.

The sample is reached via telephone and given that individuals fulfill the conditions of each research project, they are offered to participate. The focus group discussions, which usually take place at the University, are recorded and then analysed later.

Comprehensive experience, precision, and good organization are key to ensuring good results from focus groups. The employees of the Institute have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

The Institute’s project managers can provide further information via telephone +354-525-4545 or via email