Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of the Social Science Research Institute of the University of Iceland

The staff of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) is concerned with the protection of personal data and operates in all respects in accordance with Act no. 90/2018 on the Privacy and Processing of Personal Data. The SSRI also operates in accordance with European regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data.

The SSRI conducts surveys for researchers within universities, for ministries, municipalities, other institutions, etc. The data generated by our surveys are used, for example, in articles published in scientific journals and reports used to formulate policies in various fields. In most cases, the SSRI delivers the relevant party a complete report, but in some cases a register. Whether a report or a data file is involved, the SSRI is never able to trace answers to individuals. This is done both by removing all personally identifiable information and making sure that personal information is such that it is not possible to trace specific responses to individuals (for example, residence and job information).

The SSRI has stored information on the name, social security number, gender, age, place of residence and telephone number of a participant from an online panel. Information is also stored on the number of surveys that the person has received an invitation to participate in and the number of surveys the person has answered. This information is stored so we can prevent the same person from being sent the same survey multiple times. The Institute of Social Sciences does not store any other information about participants in the online panel unless participants have given clear permission to do so.

The SSRI sometimes stores data from surveys, but they are not stored with personally identifiable information, and so older data can never be linked to specific respondents.

The SSRI uses technology and procedures designed to ensure the safety and protection of all personal data. The SSRI does not save the results of surveys with personally identifiable identifiers. All research data is stored on servers that are password protected and accessible only by employees of the SSRI. Employees of the SSRI have signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. The SSRI uses Qualtrics which meets all the requirements for the holding of personal data according to the European privacy legislation.

The SSRI is responsible for ensuring the protection of the personal data of all participants, regardless of which data collection method is used (whether for example online surveys or individual interviews). The SSRI never communicates personal information about its participants to a third party unless it has received informed consent.

It varies according to the nature of the investigation whether the Social Science Institute is the guarantor, the processor or a joint guarantor with others in the sense of the Privacy Act.

In some cases, the SSRI undertakes studies with children under the age of 18. However, this is only done with the informed consent of the guardian and the child.

The privacy policy was first set out on 19 December 2018, but the Agency reserves the right to revise the policy. All changes will be published on the website of the Social Science Research Institute soon as they take effect.

Here information on the Privacy and Processing of Personal Data Act

Further information on the privacy policy of the SSRI can be requested from the responsible project manager at the SSRI

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