DATICE - The Icelandic Social Science Data Service

DATICE is a data service and archive for Icelandic social science research data. Our goal is to ensure open and free access to high quality data for the research community as well as the general public. The service is located within the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) at the University of Iceland.


    What are the benefits of open data access?

    • Increases the visibility of Icelandic research data domestically and abroad
    • Facilitates new partnerships in research
    • Provides secure and organized long term storage of data
    • Offers the research community and the general public long term access to research data, free of charge
    • Facilitates more responsible use of research data
    • Provides oversight of available data, avoiding duplication of data collection
    • Offers rich resources for teaching
    • Is in alignment with international standards and approaches
    • Is in accordance with official policy of the Icelandic Governments‘ Science and Technology Council and the HI21 policy of University of Iceland
    • Fulfills open access requirements set by funding agencies for publicly funded research grants